Oxford Journal, April 17, 2002

From the Oxford Journal, dated Wednesday, April 17, 2002.

News 10 Years Ago
Wednesday, April 22, 1992
Prominent Oxford businessman Orland Ray THOMPSON, 84, died April 15 in
All Saints Hospital, Springhill.

Died - H. Irene MACKENZIE, 88, Truro, April 14 in Hillcrest Manor,
Truro. She was born in East Wallace.
Died - Georgie May GILBERT, 96, Athol, April 18 in All Saints Hospital,
Springhill. She was born in Oxford.
Died - Ida May ELLIOTT, 89, Shubenacadie, April 17. She was born in
Port Howe.

News 20 Years Ago
Wednesday, April 28, 1982

After nearly 54 years in the printing and publishing business, Victor
MARCHANT has retired. Joining the staff of the Oxford Journal after
graduation from Oxford High School in 1928, Mr. Marchant has been with
The Journal continuously since then.

Died - Alexander MacKay DONCASTER, 70, Amherst, April 20 in Highland
View Hospital. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. Wylie
DONCASTER, formerly of Oxford.

News 30 Years Ago
Thursday, April 27, 1972

After 35 years in business at Collingwood, Charles and Reta ABRAHAM are
retiring. Although located in a small community, their store draws
customers from a large area, including all parts of Cumberland County,
as well as New Glasgow, Truro, Moncton and Sackville.

Died - Mrs. Mary HALLIDAY, 74, Westchester Mountain, April 23.
Died - Mrs. Hiram (Nettie) STEWART, 96, at Pugwash recently.
Died - Norman Edward REID, Gulf Shore, recently at the age of 71.

News 40 Years Ago
Thursday, April 26, 1962

C. Emerson HOWARD, son of Mrs. Gertrude Howard, Oxford, and the late
C.E. Howard, has opened an advertising business at Dartmouth.

Died at River Philip on April 11, Morton R. COVE, 93.

News 50 years Ago
Thursday, April 24, 1952

Fundy Construction Co. Ltd. of Halifax will build Oxford's new Regional
High School. Their tender of $409,110 was the lowest of eight.

Died at Wallace on April 18, James W. LEADBETTER, age 84.
Died at Collingwood on April 16, Aubrey E. AUSTIN, age 84.

News 60 Years Ago
Thursday, April 23, 1942

Oxford's first salvage collection was a great success, and salvage
chairman R.D. RUSSELL estimates that several tons of paper was collected
by the town truck, assisted by the local Boy Scout troop.

Mr. Chesley WALSH of Collingwood has purchased the Oxford Market,
formerly owned and operated by Mr. Harding WRIGHT.

Closing down of rural schools where enrollment is less than 10 has been
announced by Premier A.S. MACMILLAN, except where ratepayers are willing
to pay the cost of keeping the school open. In some cases rural schools
will be amalgamated, while some with only one, two or three pupils will
be taken care of by correspondence courses.

An order in council has been passed, making 40 miles per hour the speed
limit on all highways in Canada.

Died at Barrington Passage on April 12, Mr. John R. GAMMON and on April
21, Mrs. John R. GAMMON, parents of Mrs. E.H. LANGILLE of Oxford.

News 70 Years Ago
Thursday, April 28, 1932

Earl DICKIE has reopened the Super Service Station at Oxford after
spending the winter at Mahone Bay.


MATTINSON, Dolly, who passed away April 19, 1999.
CASEY, Maitland, who passed away April 18, 1972.
FLANAGAN - In loving memory of our Dad, Buck, April 17, 1983; Mom,
Winnie, March 17, 1988.
EMBREE, Roger Dale, who left us April 15, 1999.


CRAIB, Ina Mildred (Whitman), 91, April 12, 2002.
HARVEY, Celetus M. (RIPLEY) , 83, Saturday, April 13, 2002.
GILROY, Agnes P., 77, Thursday, April 11, 2002.
WOOD, Eileen Phyllis (Gilroy), 79, Sunday, April 14, 2002.
KIRKPATRICK-SPIDELL, Alice Charlotte, 91, April 6, 2002.
HUNTER, Harry Withrow, 82, Saturday, April 13, 2002.

>From the Springhill and Parrsboro Record, dated Wednesday, April 17,


BOURGEOIS, Claudina, who passed away April 18, 1983.
GUTHRO, Hugh, who passed away April 11, 1999.
MADDISON, Sheri, who passed away April 19, 1997.
MACDONALD, Henery Percy (Junior), who passed away on April 23, 1998.


STERLING, Joy Beverley (Byrnes), 70, Thursday, April 11, 2002.
SPICER, Paul R., 59, Wednesday, April 3, 2002.
WEEKS, Reginald E., 80, Saturday, April 6, 2002.
GILROY, Agnes P., 77, Thursday, April 11, 2002.
HUNTER, Harry Withrow, 82, Saturday, April 13, 2002.