Re: Obit: FRASER, Eileen Dorothea

Here's a story you once said you'd like to have. It is of James Leary and wife.

Taken from Springhill Record dated January 4, 1934

Ages Couple are Burned to Death

Parrsboro, N.S., January 2nd – Burning to death when the fire of unknown origin destroyed their little home on the highway between this town and Advocate at Port Greville last Wednesday evening, the bodies of Mr. And Mrs. Leary were re-covered from the smoking ruins.

The fire broke out about , one o'clock last Thursday morning but was not noticed until some time after by neighbour’s who hurried to the scene too late to be of any assistance as the building was razed to the ground.

After the fire had subsided somewhat the body of Mr. Leary was discovered in a burned cot but that of the women was not found until later in the morning lying in the debris. It is believed that the couple were suffocated to death by the smoke, the bodies afterward being badly burned by the flames.

Both were natives of Falmouth, Hants County, but for the last 50 years had been respected residents of Port Greville. For 20 years Mr. Leary was foreman for S.J. Soley, Lumber operator. Mr. Leary was 78 years of age and Mrs. Leary was 76.

Surviving are two sons William of Boston and James in Vancouver; and three daughters Mrs. Westlake of New Glasglow; Mrs. Atkinson of Kentville and Mrs. Vaughan of Port Greville.

This is exactly as it was written in the newspaper .