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Oxford Journal, Wednesday, April 4, 2001

News 20 Years Ago
Wednesday, March 25, 1981.
Died - Elmer BROWN, 87, Collingwood, March 18 in Camp Hill Hospital,

News 30 Years Ago
Thursday, April 1, 1971.
Oxford Fire department was called to the Oxford Foundry and Machine Co.
Ltd. plant on Thursday night, when fire was discovered in the moulding
Died at Moncton on March 27, Ivan P. DIXON, 77, formerly of Riverview,
Cumberland County.

News 40 Years Ago
Thursday, March 30, 1961
Died At Londonderry on March 14, Noyse F. CARROLL, 56, well known dance
orchestra leader.
Died at Brookfield on March 3, Mrs. Sadie MILLER, 84, of East Wallace.
Died at Oxford recently, John A. FRASER, 81, until 1949, a farmer at
At West Wentworth on March 20, Edmund Cecil PATRIQUIN, 54, Springhill, a
miner for 31 years.

News 50 Years Ago
Thursday, April 5, 1951
Fire Chief Elisha MILLER reported fire loss in Oxford during 1950 at
$77,770.95. Of this amount, the loss of Oxford High School accounted
for $75,000.
Died at Hartford on March 16, Noel B. NELSON, age 52.
Died at Highland View Hospital, Amherst, on March 25, Fred NIX, age 81,
blacksmith at Williamsdale and River Philip for about 50 years.

News 60 Years Ago
Thursday, April 3, 1941
Italy lost a quarter of her navy when she fell into a British trap on
March 28, west of Crete. The weekend battle was fought mostly at night.

Died at Oxford on March 30, Mrs. Ira SIMPSON, age 58.
Died at Londonderry Mines on March 20, Mrs. Sarah COOPER, age 74. Mrs.
George RUSHTON of Oxford is a sister of the deceased.

News 70 Years Ago
Thursday, April 2, 1931
The building of a new highway from Amherst to Springhill via Fenwick, is
assured by Hon. Percy C. Black, Minister of Highways.
Carroll GRIMMETT and Roy MOORE, the Shinimicas Potato Judging team, won
the cup for the highest points in the potato judging competiton at
Died at Westchester on March 20, Henry BLISS.
Died at East Leicester on April 4, Mrs. Mark GILLIS, aged 65.

In Memoriam
DARRAGH, Wendell R., passed away on April 8, 2000.
BROWN, Trevor Carleton , passed away April 3, 2000.
LANGILLE, Margaret E., passed away April 9, 1998.
WOOD, Pearl, (male) passed away April 8, 1999.
KEIVER, Hazen, passed away April 2, 1979.

>From the Springhill and Parrsboro Records

In Memoriam.
HORTON, Wanda, passed away March 31, 1994.
JEWKES, Todd, passed away March 27, 1999.
LIVINGSTONE, Ron, passed away April 1st, 2000.