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Re: Jacyln Michelle Hennessey

To Ann and Phyllis:

Thank you for your comforting words, prayers and thoughts. They are really
appreciated at this sad time in our lives. It¹s so mice to know one has so
many ³unknown and thoughtful friends² out there in cyber space.

I have printed these off and will give them to our daughter, Suzanne who
will pass them on to her fiancée, Kenny and his family.

If anyone has access to U-Tube and Face-book, there were over 700 hits and /
or messages there last night complete with a video done by one of Jaclyn¹s

The tragic story is below for any who may only have seen a copy of her obit
posted yesterday on nscumber. She had to be positively identified through
dental records and her body was cremated.

Truck kills woman on Halifax street

By DAN ARSENAULT Staff Reporter
Tue. Nov 18 - 5:05 AM

[Police officers work at the scene of a fatal truck-pedestrian accident on
Sackville Street at Barrington in Halifax on Monday. (PETER PARSONS / Staff)

Police officers work at the scene of a fatal truck-pedestrian accident on
Sackville Street at Barrington in Halifax on Monday. (PETER PARSONS / Staff)

A 27-year-old woman died Monday morning when a dump truck struck her at a
downtown Halifax intersection.

The truck was heading south on Barrington Street shortly before 10:30 a.m.
when it turned right onto Sackville Street, Halifax Regional Police said.

"It appears the female was crossing the street and was struck by the dump
truck," Const. Jeff Carr said.

"It¹s much too early to say whether anyone will face charges."

Cindy Norwood, an employee at Vogue Optical on Barrington Street, said she
heard some screams and looked up to see the truck driver jump down to the
street in an obvious state of alarm.

"He came around and looked, and held his hands up to his head."

Police haven¹t released the name of the woman, who was pronounced dead at
the scene.

She is from Halifax.

Nor have they named the driver of the brownish-grey truck, which had no
lettering or identification on it. Police interviewed the 50-year-old driver
and released him.

Some witnesses said the woman was walking south on Barrington but they
didn¹t see the truck hit her.

The truck remained on Sackville Street outside a Tim Hortons store for
several hours. A tarpaulin covered the woman¹s body, behind the rear wheels
on the driver¹s side. At one point, a police officer with a camera crawled
under the truck to take photos.

At least 20 people stood in the light drizzle watching the investigation.

Ms. Norwood said she assumed the woman had just left the coffee shop because
she saw a Tim Hortons bag lying on the ground.

Tim Hortons staff declined comment. The store¹s blinds were closed on the
Sackville Street side to shield customers from the accident scene.

Directly across Sackville Street, the Frozen Ocean clothing store had a sign
on its door stating it would reopen for business in the afternoon. A young
woman inside said she was too upset to talk to a reporter.

The woman¹s body was taken away at about noon. Firefighters hosed away the
bloodstains and the street was reopened at 2:15 p.m.

The pedestrian fatality was the second in Nova Scotia this month. A
70-year-old Antigonish woman died Nov. 10 after she was hit in a crosswalk
in the town.

( darsenault@...)

> Dear Dave,
> We are so sorry about your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with
> you. I will remember Jaclyn at Mass this weekend, and you too. God Bless
> all
> of you through this trying time.
> Ann Brown-Dampier
> ==============
Dear Dave,

For all you do for the rest of us on this list, mighty thanks.

Now, hunker down with your family for this winter season, give in to your
addiction (smile), and know the sadness will always be there but strength
will return.

Best regards to you and Veronica, your daughter and her fiancée.

Phyllis A. Pottle

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