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Re: [nscumber] Harper Family

Thanks so much Gwen,

I will be posting another query with the updates, in hopes of finding more
information and possibly a relative.


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A reply to Kevin Nunes:

YOur Abrham Harper was probably a descendant of Christopher Harper, who
came from Yorkshire in 1775. He eventually settled in Sackville, NB. I
have checked the Cumberland County marriages (downloaded from Cumberland
Co. site) and I found your Abraham, age 30, son of Mansfield and Alice
Harper, resident of Dorchester, born Sackville - married Lizzie Snowden,
age 30, res. Wood Point, born Wood Point, daughter of William and Emma -
married on Feb 6, 1890.
Hope this helps. I do not have anything on Mansfield Harper.

Gwen Morse
Burnaby, B.C.

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