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Re: [nscumber] Milner papers - partial transcription

Hello Folks,
Confirm that a TYPED TRANSCRIPT exist for these 2 things:
1) Parrsboro Township Book (W.C. Milner)
2) Southampton Township (Franklin Manor, Maccan, Nappan, etc.)

Please see the comments below ( made by D. Shaw & S. Naehrig) as to known differences that exist in typed transcripts. Perhaps someone would make the same type of comparison for W.C. Milner's TRANSCRIPT of Parrsboro Township ?
Parrsboro Township included all the land that belonged to Kings Co. till about 1840-(Mainly- Advocate Harbour and Parrsboro). The records were kept by the town clerk and Anglican minister, Thomas Shreve. In these records, Thomas Shreve didn't note which towns the people were from. These records are on microfilm and available at The Cumberland County Museum, PANS (NSARM), and Acadia U. As far as can be determined, they are not available at NAC.

Franklin Manor Records (Microfilm at NAC, Mt. Allison U.) consists of two parts. On the top of one part is written 'Register of Births in the District of Francklin Mannor, Elysian Fields, Maccan, Nappan'. The town is given for each child/birth. The second part has no title, it is much messier, it includes marriages and marks of catttle etc.
Some of the births that are in the other well organized part are also in
this part. It looks like it might have been a working copy from which
someone with better handwriting then made an official Registry of Births.

Apparently someone who had access to the above information at the NB Museum made a typed transcript and for some reason called it the "Township Records of
Southampton A Register of Marriages, Births, Deaths and Marks of Cattle in
the District of Maccan, Nappan and Southampton for the Co. of Cumberland.
Luke Harrison, town clerk March 20th 1786, James Jenks, town clerk 1821,
Thomas Read, town clerk, 1831" It seems to have become known as the
SOUTHAMPTON Township Book. If these records were exactly the same as the
Register of Births in the District of FRAKLIN MANOR etc. there wouldn't
be much problem. BUT there is one. All the Acadian records in the
original are missing from the transcript. The transcript has changed some
of the village names to their modern version.

Maccan in the original is given as Southampton in the transcript but not all the time so the transcript has both names. Franklin Manor in the original is called River Hebert in the transcript every time so Francklin Manor doesn't even appear in the transcript. Same
goes for Elysian Fields which is Barronsfield in the transcript. A few
times Maccan is given as Nappan in the transcript but not always by any
means, so that you can't tell if it was an error or intentional.

These differences could be explained by possible prejudice against the French and
an urge to use the modern names or what he thought to be the modern names
for old places. BUT that's not all. There are deaths in the transcript
and there are names in the Southampton Records that don't occur in the 2
hand written parts leading one to suspect that the transcriber had access
to more records that now can't be located. When asked about this the NB
Museum apparently couldn't give the name of the transcriber nor answer if
there are other records out there!

~ Diane


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