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Re: Laura Brown Goodwin File

>From: "Greg Brown" <browng@...>
>Eric - What I have is a photocoy of a typewritten copy of a letter
>sent by G.B. Brown. I believe it was typed by Laura Goodwin as it was
>sent to me with her other material. The letter says, "About 73 years
>ago my brother Victor and I were boys." It was dated Hamilton, March
>1st, 1956. He also mentions a brother Cyrus.

Guilford Benjamin BROWN was born 2 February 1869, Victor Edwin BROWN was
born 8 May 1868. Based on the above (1956-73=1883), GB would have been 14
and Victor would have been just about 15. The brother: Cyrus James BROWN
was born 23 November 1864 (age 19 in 1883). They had another older brother,
Levi William BROWN (29.09.1866) and a younger brother, Christopher B BROWN
(23.03.1876) plus two sisters, Laura Elizabeth (09.09.1863) and Lucy (1872).

Your Laura Blackburn BROWN-GOODWIN was the daughter of Cyrus James BROWN &

So all said, I guess the answer to the original question is GB stands for
Guilford Benjamin BROWN.