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Laura Brown Goodwin File

The following was in the documents I was sent by Clarence Wood of
Michigan. It appears that the entire document was a centennial (1967)

"James Brown" - James Brown married 1782 to Sarah Harrison. He built
the brick house (now Roy Hoeg Place). Note: This house was torn down
a couple of years ago as Roy and Marjorie built a new home (Greg
Brown). He had two sons. Matthew lived in the brick house and Luke
Harrison married his, Matthew Brown's daughter Rosa Brown. John Brown
had a numerous family. His son Thomas aged over 70 was the first of
them to die, his daughters Mrs. Lavers, Mrs. Read and Mrs. Tucker.

"William Smith" - William Smith came from Southampton, England to New
Brunswick. He lived (1775) where the Thomas Harrison (this was
changed to Blenkhorn) lives now. He shod Oxen, set broken limbs,
acted as arbitrator, as justice of the peace,. Preached every Sunday,
prayed with the sick, buried the dead, etc. He married Betty Harrison
for his 2nd wife. He had sons Thomas, Luke and James, Stephene and
Benjamin. Daughter's Tryphena and Eunice, they married Wm. H. Brown
and Jim Crowe.

There follows a description of homes in the Southampton area and who
lived in them in 1967 and who originally built them. If anyone is
interested email me separately and I will sent it.

Greg Brown
Riverview, N.B.