Re: ROLL CALL: Alexander Mac/McDonald

Betty: I was in a cemetery at Gay's River United Church last weekend. One
thing that I noticed, besides all my KEYS relatives there, were a lot of

I don't know if you'll venture that way, but I thought I'd let you know. I
didn't transcribe the cemetery so I can't give you any sepcifics, just a lead.

Eric Macdonald Keys

At 04:14 PM 9/11/1999 -0000, you wrote:
>From: "SPB & JNB" <garfieldcat78@...>
>Have you ever tried searching
>They have alot of information on the Mac/McDonalds and Mac/McMichaels.
>I've found alot of information through them. Also there is a book entitled
>Fair is the Place. It has alot of information on the MacDonalds of Cape
>Breton which seems to be the place where alot of MacDonalds landed.
>Another helpful thing is to identify which clan of MacDonalds are your
>ancestors. My clan is Ranald. There is a link that will come up when you
>search for MacDonald on the website that will lead you
>to a website that will tell you about the clans. I hope that I have helped
>just a little.
>> From: Betty Stewart <bstewart@...>
>> To:
>> Subject: [nscumber] ROLL CALL: Alexander Mac/McDonald
>> Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 7:04 PM
>> From: Betty Stewart <bstewart@...>
>> I am looking for are Alexander MAC/MCDONALD (b. abt 1806, Scotland) who
>> apparently married an Isabella MAC/MCMICHAEL (dob & pob unknown). I
>> have been unsuccessful in my attempts to obtain a birth certificate for
>> Alexander through the Nova Scotia vital stats (not very helpful at
>> all). The information I have is as follows:
>> 1842 Old Scottish Christening Records for Tarbat, Ross & Cromarty -
>> Alexander MacDonald & Isabella McDonald had a son, Archibald, born at
>> Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia in September, 1840. The bottom of the page is
>> signed by an Hugh R. MacKenzie, S. Clerk who, after a lot of research, I
>> found out he was a Minister from Nigg, Ross & Cromarty, that came to
>> Nova Scotia in 1832. He returned to Scotland in 1844, taking the
>> birth/christening records back to Scotland with him. I am wondering if
>> Alexander came to Canada on the same ship as this Minister, and am
>> hoping to track Alexander's birthplace this way. As for Isabella
>> MacMichael, she appears to be even more elusive! I haven't found a
>> record of her birth or marriage in the Nova Scotia records and wonder if
>> perhaps she came up from the US.
>> I have checked the Nova Scotia Census for 1861, 1871, 1881 & 1891 and
>> found:
>> 1860-61 Nova Scotia Personal Census:
>> Alexander McDonald - age is checked off in the "over 60 and under 70"
>> column.
>> 1871 - Cumberland County Census:
>> No Alexander at all (his children are all there)
>> 1881 - Cumberland County Census:
>> Alexander McDonald, age 75, born Scotland, Presbyterian (living with his
>> son in River Philip, Cumberland County, NS). I believe Isabella must
>> have died in the 1860's. A gravestone was located which indicates that
>> they may have had a daughter, Isabella, but due to the poor condition of
>> the gravestone, the ages, etc. are illegible.
>> 1891 & 1901 Cumberland County Census:
>> No Alexander. He must have passed away between 1881 & 1891.
>> I have discovered 6 different "Brig's" that came to Canada in 1832:
>> "Mercator" from Greenock; "Sylvanus" from Cromarty; "Canada" from
>> Inverness; "Phoenix" from Greenock; "Charlotte Kerr" from Glasgow &
>> Tobermory; and the "Blagdon" from Cromarty.
>> Does anyone know if there are passenger lists for any of this ships or
>> has anyone come across an Alexander Mac/McDonald or Isabella
>> Mac/McMichael in their travels? We have been able to trace the family
>> forward from Alexander's & Isabella's son, Archibald but would really
>> like to "jump the pond" over the Scotland once Alexander's or Isabella's
>> place of birth has been established.
>> Any information or suggestions welcomed.
>> Betty Stewart
>> British Columbia
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