Re: ROLL CALL: Alexander Mac/McDonald

Have you ever tried searching
They have alot of information on the Mac/McDonalds and Mac/McMichaels.
I've found alot of information through them. Also there is a book entitled
Fair is the Place. It has alot of information on the MacDonalds of Cape
Breton which seems to be the place where alot of MacDonalds landed.
Another helpful thing is to identify which clan of MacDonalds are your
ancestors. My clan is Ranald. There is a link that will come up when you
search for MacDonald on the website that will lead you
to a website that will tell you about the clans. I hope that I have helped
just a little.


> From: Betty Stewart <bstewart@...>
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> Subject: [nscumber] ROLL CALL: Alexander Mac/McDonald
> Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 7:04 PM
> From: Betty Stewart <bstewart@...>
> I am looking for are Alexander MAC/MCDONALD (b. abt 1806, Scotland) who
> apparently married an Isabella MAC/MCMICHAEL (dob & pob unknown). I
> have been unsuccessful in my attempts to obtain a birth certificate for
> Alexander through the Nova Scotia vital stats (not very helpful at
> all). The information I have is as follows:
> 1842 Old Scottish Christening Records for Tarbat, Ross & Cromarty -
> Alexander MacDonald & Isabella McDonald had a son, Archibald, born at
> Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia in September, 1840. The bottom of the page is
> signed by an Hugh R. MacKenzie, S. Clerk who, after a lot of research, I
> found out he was a Minister from Nigg, Ross & Cromarty, that came to
> Nova Scotia in 1832. He returned to Scotland in 1844, taking the
> birth/christening records back to Scotland with him. I am wondering if
> Alexander came to Canada on the same ship as this Minister, and am
> hoping to track Alexander's birthplace this way. As for Isabella
> MacMichael, she appears to be even more elusive! I haven't found a
> record of her birth or marriage in the Nova Scotia records and wonder if
> perhaps she came up from the US.
> I have checked the Nova Scotia Census for 1861, 1871, 1881 & 1891 and
> found:
> 1860-61 Nova Scotia Personal Census:
> Alexander McDonald - age is checked off in the "over 60 and under 70"
> column.
> 1871 - Cumberland County Census:
> No Alexander at all (his children are all there)
> 1881 - Cumberland County Census:
> Alexander McDonald, age 75, born Scotland, Presbyterian (living with his
> son in River Philip, Cumberland County, NS). I believe Isabella must
> have died in the 1860's. A gravestone was located which indicates that
> they may have had a daughter, Isabella, but due to the poor condition of
> the gravestone, the ages, etc. are illegible.
> 1891 & 1901 Cumberland County Census:
> No Alexander. He must have passed away between 1881 & 1891.
> I have discovered 6 different "Brig's" that came to Canada in 1832:
> "Mercator" from Greenock; "Sylvanus" from Cromarty; "Canada" from
> Inverness; "Phoenix" from Greenock; "Charlotte Kerr" from Glasgow &
> Tobermory; and the "Blagdon" from Cromarty.
> Does anyone know if there are passenger lists for any of this ships or
> has anyone come across an Alexander Mac/McDonald or Isabella
> Mac/McMichael in their travels? We have been able to trace the family
> forward from Alexander's & Isabella's son, Archibald but would really
> like to "jump the pond" over the Scotland once Alexander's or Isabella's
> place of birth has been established.
> Any information or suggestions welcomed.
> Betty Stewart
> British Columbia
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