Re: Early Families of Albert County, NB

Hi Eric,

Any Fife's? Not everyone stayed at home or ended up in the same place they

Carolyn Holladay

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Subject: [nscumber] Early Families of Albert County, NB

> From: Eric Keys & Lynn Carmichael <carkeys@...>
> Hello everyone:
> I recently received a copy of the NBGS booklet "Early Families of Albert
> County, NB" which lists genealogical information on the immigrant families
> that settled in the Albert County area. The book has about 125 separate
> families listed.
> I know, from personal experience (CANNONs/WICKWIREs) that Cumberland
> and Kings County in Nova Scotia had close ties with Albert County, NB.
> If someone would like a lookup in this volume, please email me. I'll post
> all replies to the list for general digestion.
> Eric Keys
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