Re: Milberry's of Advocate

Correct: He was my grandfather's brother, and my grandfather was on the same
ship but was saved. They hit a two line in the middle of the night in
Boston Harbour, and the ship went down. Everyone got to the life boat but
they had no knife to cut the line and the lifeboat also went down. Nov 22nd
or 23rd 1908. Stephen Knowlton has the first page of the write up in the
Boston paper at the time but we can't seem to find the continuing story on
another page.
Thanks for connecting.
...Bill Rogers
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> I have a Mate Milberry that was drowned in Boston Harbor on my Great
> Ship. He was Obed Knowlton. I think he was one that was drowned, would
> to double check that. About 1908 i think.

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