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>From: Bob Fawcett <fawcett@...>
>Although I don't have the births of Thomas (d.18 Apr 1883) and Mary (d.29
>Mar 1908) their eldest daughter, Mary Jane SHIPLEY was born 16 Dec 1836 at
>River Hebert. They had 10 children and I am descended from one of them,
>Edward W. SHIPLEY born 6 Sep 1840 in River Hebert. Edward was my great

Bob, I have a Mary Esther Holmes from Southampton, NS b 09 June 1816 d/o
Nathaniel Holmes & Mary Yorke. I note that your Mary Holmes had children
named Nathaniel (after her father?) and Martha (after her sister?). Mary
Esther Holmes's other sibs were Daniel Yorke Holmes, Samuel Freeman Holmes,
Jane Holmes & Fones Holmes, all born between 1813 and 1822.

>My Thomas may be the son of Thomas SHIPLEY b.1773 Yorkshire d.1804 and his
>wife Christianna INNIS but I have nothing to substiantiate this.

I have in my line, a Thomas Shipley married to Elizabeth B Innis who
firstly married Thomas Harrison around 1825. Elizabeth b 1806 and Thomas
Harrison called their third child, Annie Christianna Harrison in 1835. She
is my great-grandmother.

Lots of work to do,

Eric Keys