Re: Gilbert family of Cumberland County

Yes, Eric, I was the guilty party who told you that. Actually "book" is overstating it a little. It consists of 23 typed pages and at the top are handwritten MG 100 (109? Not legible) Vol 31 or maybe 39, no. 50. I'm not 100% sure who gave me this but it might be someone lurking on this list if he isn't on a plane right now on his way back to Peking.

It was written by Thelma and Edward Gilbert for William and Lori Gilbert. I know that they still live in Cumberland Co. so maybe you could call them and see if you can get a copy. If someone in their family has email, invite them to join the list. Let me know if it works. I could copy and send it if worse comes to worse but my copies aren't very good.

Sandra Naehrig

From: Keys & Carmichael <carkeys@...>

Hi Cumberland listers:

A while back, someone (Sandra in Switzerland?) let slip (actually told me
outright and I forgot!) that a book was available on the GILBERT family of
Cumberland County.

I thought that, considering my great-grandmommy was a Gilbert, I should get
a look at this grand volume. Does anyone know how I might go about that
particular task? Does anyone have a copy for sale? for loan to a really
nice guy who takes great care with books?

Thanks for any help on this...

Eric M Keys