Springhill web site

Thanks, Carol, for posting the Springhill web site. It has more info about the 1856 explosion and the 1958 "bump" but I found this on the 1891 explosion:

Coal was first discovered in the early 1830's ... but it wasn't until 1873
that the Springhill Mining Company started mining on a large scale. For a
detailed history of the Cumberland coal field see the Louis Frost notes.
The tragic mine disasters of the1956 Explosion and the 1958 Bump
brought an end to large scale coal mining in the community. The #2 and
#4 mine workings can be seen by clicking here.

The Louis Frost notes have:

No. 1 Mine was the first mine opened in Springhill. It was opened by a slope on No. 1 Seam in
1872 and closed in 1896 due to a fire on the pipe slope.

In 1891 an explosion occurred in this mine, resulting in the loss of 125 lives, many of the victims
being in No. 2 Mine, which was connected to No. 1 by a tunnel.