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Hi Cumber listers

As of today there are 97 people on our list and that in only 10 days of existence--quite a record and it's been a very promising start. I just revisited the Cumberland County Genweb site at
and am amazed at all that Brian's added since I was last there. If you haven't been there yet or recently, take a look.

All the questions about maps and places show that there is a lot of interest and so, to make it easy for newcomers, I'm repeating here the URL and some of the information contained there on how EASY it is to order your very own maps so Brian won't have to scan in all 51 land grant maps and the A.F: Church map!

A.F. Church Maps

In 1864, Ambrose F. Church was
commissioned by the Nova Scotia legislature
to create a series of maps, one for each of
Nova Scotia's 18 counties. Each shows the
locations of towns and villages, basic
topographic features and the names of
residents. In many cases, the occupation of
prominent townsfolk (clergy, blacksmith,
merchant) was also included. Mr. Church
completed the series in 1888. The cost for
reproductions is $ 15.00 per county. Please
specify county name(s). To order maps.

Crown Land Grant Maps

A series of 140 maps showing the location of
crown land grants in Nova Scotia, the majority
of which were issued between 1750 and 1850.
Cost per map is $ 5.00. View the index maps
here for Western or Eastern Nova Scotia.
These show the area covered by each map in
the series. Alternatively you can contact the
library for a free print copy of the index map.

There's a link now to a very good index map--clearer than the older one on the Cumberland Co. page at
These copies of the Church maps are approximately 4.5' x 5'. Since our copiers have a width
limitation of 36", we offer each county on two overlapping maps, usually 36" x 60". Each county is printed on 2 sheets of bond
paper and is priced at $15.00 Cdn per county.

"Crown Land Grant Maps:

Crown Land Grant Index maps provide a graphic representation of the layout of the original land grants and over the years they
have been meticulously updated by government staff. They show the locations of all land grants and townships. Each map is 26"
x 38". The series consists of 138 maps at a scale of 1" = 1/2 mile. The index to the map sheets is illustrated below. The index
sheets are updated on a daily basis, recording crown land transactions such as acquisitions or leases. Since notations are made
on any parcel of crown land to describe its status, some of the historical data may be obscured. The Crown commenced issuing
grants in the 1730's, so the names found on this series can predate the A.F.Church maps by over 100 years. Each Crown Land
Grant Index Map is printed on bond paper and is priced at $5.00 Cdn."

Brian, this doesn't really answer your question, does it. The maps don't look updated to me.

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