Re: Margaret Jane VanBuskirk


How wonderful. I have the eight children and most of their descendents - missing only Laura's and Alfred's families.

My mother recently received a letter from Alfred's daughter Betty, who lives in California, so I have written to her for information on that part of the family.

Do yo have any gaps in the Brown family that you ned filling? I'll be happy to provide whatever I can.

Ellen Muise

A Nova Scotian by birth, a Bluenoser forever.

: From: DeeVanBee@...
: Hi Ellen,
: I have the info you need.
: We can connect on our separate line so we don't bug others with Van Buskirk
: stuff as there is lots.
: Margaret's parents were Aaron Van Buskirk 1823-1905 and Nancy Delay
: 1833-1918 .
: I can take you back to the beginning of the Van Buskirk name in the mid
: 1600s. Your Aaron and my Gabriel were brothers. Margaret had 2 brothers and
: 2 sisters. I have her 8 children's names if you're missing any.
: Catch me at : DeeVanBee@...

: Donna Van Buskirk
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