Springhill deaths - February 21,1891

The Story of the Great Disaster at Springhill Mines - List of Victims
Springhill Mines, Nova Scotia, February 21, 1891

Married Men with Families

John Bentliffe - wife and five children
Donald Campbell - wife and seven children
John Carmichael - wife and four children
William Carrigan - wife and two children
Reid Carter - wife and three children
Matthew Collins - wife and three children
John Connerton - wife and one child
James Conway - wife and three children
Richard Dawson - wife and six children
Hiram Fife - wife and two children
Daniel Findlayson - wife and three children
Thomas Fletcher - wife and two children
Peter Gallagher - wife and three children
Lazarus Guthro - wife and four children
John Hunter - wife and four children
William Hyde - wife and four children
William Kent - wife and six children
Frank Letcher - wife and one child
Daniel Lockhart - wife and two children
John J. McDonald - wife and four children
Rory B. McDonald - wife and four children
William McGilvery - wife and one child
Donald McKay - wife and two children
Allan McKinnon - wife and two children
Angus McKinnon - wife and eight children
Norman McLeod - wife and one child
Rory McLeod - wife and two children
John F. McNeil - wife and two children
James Miller, Sr. - wife and six children
John Mitchell - wife and four children
James Morris - wife and six children
Ernest Mott - wife and two children
Jeremiah Murphy - wife and three children
Charles Nash - wife and one child
Henry Nash - wife and one child
Malcolm Nicholson - wife and one child
Rodger Noiles - wife and two children
Hugh Robertson - wife and four children
Stephen Rushton - wife and four children
James Sharples - wife and three children
Robert A. Sherlock - wife and one child
Archibald Shipley - wife and six children
Henry Swift - wife and five children
Joseph Tatterstal - wife and five children
William H. Turner - wife and five children
Alexander Vance - wife and four children
Philip B. White - wife and four children
John Williams - wife and six children
Thomas Wilson - wife and one child
George Wood - wife and one child
Edgar Wry - wife and two children

Married Men with Wife Only

John Boyd
Robert Clark
John Francis
William McKee
John McKinnon
John Nairn
Malcolm Nairn

Young Men Who Supported Their Mothers

Ernest Bainbridge
Alonzo Budd
Neil McLeod
Joseph Pitt
Thomas Rogers
Bruce Ryan
Joseph Tatteterstal
Henry Wry

Young Men Who Resided With Their Parents, and Otherwise

Arthur Anderson
Andrew Carmichael
Herbert Armishaw
Jesse Armishaw, Jr.
William Birchell
George Bond
William Brown
Andrew Bunt
Alexander Campbell
John D. Campbell
William Carmichael
Clarence Carter
Jude Casey
John Crawford
Samuel Dawson
Fred Dillon
Samuel Furbow
John Gillis
Thomas Hallett
Peter Hannigar
John Hayden
Samuel Legere
Henry Livingstone
William J. Maiden
John D. McEachran
Robert McFadden
Alexander J. McKay
Laughlin McKinnon
Henry McLeod
Roderick C. McNeill
Charles McNutt
Neil McPhee
Thomas Morrison
Samuel Muckle
Richard Murphy
James Nairn
James Overs
Clifford Ripley
James Robbins
Howard Simonds
David Watt

Boys Sixteen Years of Age, and Under

Alexander Bunt
Ernest Chandler
Thomas Davis
John Dunn
Joseph Dupee
Roger Ernest
James Johnston
George Martin
David McVey
James McVey
James Pequinot
Peter Reid
Murdoch Ross
Philip Ross
Edward Smith
Douglas Taylor

Wounded Who Died From Injuries

(up to May 1st, 1891)
Willard Carter
Joshua McNeill
Neil S. McNeill
Henry Nash