old photos

Hi Listers
I recently borrowed an old family album and came across some photos someone may be interested in:

Arlie Knowlton
Nettie Lunn and Nancy Mills
Glendon Lunn and Arlie Knowlton
Muggy? Ulric Knowlton and Beldair Morris
Knowlton homestead
Sarah Allen and Mrs. Barry
Christine Lance
Freeman and Velda Knowlton
Carolyn Knowlton
Muriel Knowlton
Clifford Lunn
Marguerite Knowlton
? Winters and Ashley Lunn
Cora and Mitchell Morris
Loretta Morris
Victor Morris
Morris Homestead
Lunn Homestead
Hannah Vickery
Emmery, Becky, Jim and Hannah Vickery
Sarah Allen
Anthony "Dimick" Lunn
Eva Walsh
Miss McLean (a school teacher in Advocate)
Effie Morris
Rachel Morris

If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know and I can scan and send them to you or I can post them.

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