old photos

In 1900, my father rode a bicycle, that he had built at his brothers bicycle
shop in Detroit, from Detroit to Nova Scotia, a visit back home, to Athol,
after 20 years. He took pictures, many on glass plates. There are some of
people that I don't believe are any relation to me, but they lived in the
Athol area. I know this from old letters written between Nova Scotia and
I would like to share these with any interested parties. e-mail me anytime.
I do not have a scanner, but will laser copy and snail mail for postage.

All pictures taken the summer of 1900 in N.S.

" Mr. and Mrs. Dodsworth Sr." They are a good looking couple, sitting in
front of ( probably) their home, outdoors. He is really a handsome man,
with a lovely beard. She is wearing glasses , a faint smile and wears her
hair pulled back. Both are dressed in their "Sunday best" , they MIGHT be
in their late 60's or 70's.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hans Mills" This is taken outdoors and sitting. They are
perhaps 70 + Both have white hair, he side whiskers, also drressed up.

"Parrsboro " main street perhaps

"Wealthy farmer, Elderkin home"...house, outbuildings, fences, neat place.

"Mr. Purdy's home at Amherst., worked on the Inter Colonial R.R." Home on
slight hill, curved driveway, looks like three dormers ? is that the right
word...with two windows in each, on the second floor.

"The Adams family" Three children and three adults, not terribly clear, but
you can see their features. taken on the back steps of their house ?

"Mr. and Mrs. Dodsworth home" four people out front of this very nice home,
a magnifying glass or enlargement will tell who they are as the snap is
clear and good.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dodsworth Jr. and Sr." Dodsworth Sr's. are sitting on a bench
made of tree limbs or small trees. The "jr's" are standing behind them, a
corner of the house showing.

"John Dunn, Ellen and son Robbie, Amherst" ( my aunt, Ellen Boss)
"John Dunn home"