Re: 1838 census

Hi Sandra:

Could you please do a lookup in the 1838 census for a McAleese (McAlese,
MacAleese). Thanks!

Laura MacAleese

Also, Brian Paul:

I went to the Nscumber link to look at the woodstock.jpg, and it when it
opened, it was a blank picture. Thought I would let you know.


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Date: Friday, August 27, 1999 11:51 PM
Subject: [nscumber] 1838 census

>From: Sandra Naehrig <snaehrig@...>
>I have the 1838 Census Index of Hants and Kings Counties and I am willing
to do lookups in the Parrsboro Township part. Please note that it probably
only contains families living in the Parrsborough district as outlined on
the Roe map (please see Brian's email yesterday on Cumberland boundries).
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