Re: Cumberland boundaries

Hi there Brian

Greetings from NZ in the South Pacific

Followed the URL's to Cumberland Co. maps.

Copied the maps etc.

But the resolution pixilates badly for me. and I'm stuck with
a 3" X 3" map

My questions are :-

1. Is Tidhish/Amherst, Amherst Shores in the Cumberland
Co. area ?? Because that seems to be where most of
my people were from.

2. Can you tell me where to get a better quality Cumberland
Co. Map (particularly around 1800's to 1900 ) ??

any input and suggestions would be appreciated
I guess researching from this side of the world has its problems

Kind regards

Jim Hanright
Mt. Maunganui
New Zealand

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> From: Brian Paul <bpaul@...>
> I believe a few people were curious about the Cumberland County
> boundaries and when Kings County extended into the present day
> area.
> I've placed a scan of the anonymous map enclosed in a letter from
> Parr to Nepean dated 25th Nov. 1787. on a web page at:
> My understanding is that the boundaries were as indicated until the
> realignment in 1841. You can see that Kings included from Cape
> Chignecto down past Parrsboro to what appears to be more or less
> the current Colchester line.
> For a comparison to the current boundaries you can view the
> Roe map of 1878 which marks the Parrsborough district
> in green, although it is all Cumberland county as is Amherst,
> indicated in yellow.
> For people searching for families before the 1841 boundary changes
> might be of interest to note the comment by Terry Punch
> in his book Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia:
> "The 1838 census is the first nearly complete surviving census.
> Missing is Cornwallis Township in Kings County, and all of
> Cumberland County other than Parrsborough Township which
> was in Kings County until 1841."
> -=brian=-
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