Re: Shields/Marshal - Don Lewis Collection

Some of the Don Lewis collection that was on the chignecto site can now be
found at

Too bad about the chignecto site though. I didn't write down all the
information I had found there and now am searching again to find the
information on other site. Let that be a lesson, sometimes you can't go

Name: John W. Stillman b. 1824 Parrsboro

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>Hello Eric,
>I noticed your posting re Thomas Shields and Lucy Marshal (River Philip). I
>wonder if there is any further information on who Lucy Marshal is/was.
>Thank you.
>Eleanor Marshall

Sorry Eleanor, that's all the information that I found. It was written in
my handwriting from a file that I had once downloaded from the
lamentably-closed site. There was no other information. I
believe it came from some of the township BMD files transcribed by Don
Lewis of Ottawa, ON.


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