Re: Shields/Marshal

Hi saw this posting and wanted to remind everyone that Chignecto records are
still on-line.....

The Chignecto Site is now closed. Effective 1 April 1999 Information has
been transferred to the Nova Scotia Genweb the New Brunswick Genweb Many
thanks to all the volunteers who made it all possible. The Chignecto - Chignecto Archives - CA
<snip> from a search of '' on Dogpile.

It isn't as easy to find the information but at least it's still available
for those with the patience to keep digging thru the site.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: [nscumber] Shields/Marshal

> From: Eleanor Marshall <marmac@...>
> Hi Eric,
> Thanks for your reply. I, too, miss the Chignecto site and wish Randal
> bring it back!! I guess it's the old story of not really appreciating what
> we have until it's gone.
> Eleanor
> >Sorry Eleanor, that's all the information that I found. It was written
> >my handwriting from a file that I had once downloaded from the
> >lamentably-closed site. There was no other information. I
> >believe it came from some of the township BMD files transcribed by Don
> >Lewis of Ottawa, ON.
> >
> >Eric
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