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>From: Sandra Naehrig <snaehrig@...>
>Would anyone know if there are maps showing the lot numbers in Parrsboro
>Township and where would they be. I am interested in lot 17 and 18 which
>were originally granted to Henry Jeffers and John Jeffers Jr. If I can
>find out where the lots were then I think I would know where "Woodstock"
>was. In the deeds (1828 and 1831) they are described as being "on the
>east side of the road leading from Partridge Island to Cumberland" and "on
>the east side of the Cumberland Rd. that part which lies east of Muddy
>Brook on which the grist mill formerly stood". Any ideas?

Here's my guess:

I've uploaded a scan taken from Sheet 51 of the Land Grant maps
to the shared file area called woodstock.jpg
The scan shows the lots north of Parrsboro along the road and at
the community of Jeffers on Gilbert's Lake are lots 17 & 18 at what
is now called Lakelands. Lakelands on the Crown map is marked as
south of its present day location.

To get a copy of the map scan you can go to and
log in with your email address and password. This will get you into
your "member center" which has a link to nscumber where you will
find a collection of links related to the mailing list including the
"Shared Files" where the map is deposited as well as archived copies
of the Cumberland census records.

That's my guess, if you would like a scan of the map that goes further
north let me know. You should see lots 17 & 18 just above the community
of Jeffers...

-= brian =-