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I have a book here published in 1988 for the Town of Parrsboro, it is called
Heritage Homes and History of Parrsboro. At that time I was a Business Ed.
student, and entered all the house descriptions and the past owners. I do
not have the lot numbers, but pictures of the house, and a description. I
will take a look through it and send you the Jeffer's related ones.

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From: Sandra Naehrig <snaehrig@...>
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Date: Friday, August 27, 1999 5:21 AM
Subject: [nscumber] lot numbers

>From: Sandra Naehrig <snaehrig@...>
>Would anyone know if there are maps showing the lot numbers in Parrsboro
Township and where would they be. I am interested in lot 17 and 18 which
were originally granted to Henry Jeffers and John Jeffers Jr. If I can find
out where the lots were then I think I would know where "Woodstock" was. In
the deeds (1828 and 1831) they are described as being "on the east side of
the road leading from Partridge Island to Cumberland" and "on the east side
of the Cumberland Rd. that part which lies east of Muddy Brook on which the
grist mill formerly stood". Any ideas?
>in Switzerland
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