Hi Doris,
Although I lived in Pugwash til I was nearly 12 and went back to visit I do
not know the name Cail. BUT I noted your name Chisholm. I am wondering if it
is your married name. The reason I ask is this... One of my 8 sets of Gr Gr
Grandparents consisted of John Chisholm, who married Ellen Van Buskirk. I
know their wedding date and their children, I have Ellen connected back but
for the life of me I can't figure out where to start with John.

John Chisholm is such a common name among the Chisholms.
Would you or your husband be connected? The Chisholms lived in Pugwash and
are buried there.

Next time I talk to my parents I'll ask if they recall Austin Cail. Mum and
dad are 81 . Dad will be 82 tomorrow. I'll be calling him then so I'll try to
remember to ask about Cails. They both lived in Pugwash til the mid 1950s.
Keeping my fingers crossed

Donna Van Buskirk