I too would love to have any information on the PATTONs that is possible. The only one that I have is Dorothy.


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Sheldon Furlong wrote:
> From: sfurlon1@... (Sheldon Furlong)
> Hello
> I am looking for info on Mark PATTON son of Mark Patton and Ann McGowan.
> Died 1790 in Cumberland, Nova Scotia. He had a sister Dorothy who married
> Richard Thompson of Oxford, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia.
> Best Regards to all
> Sheldon Furlong
> Lower Shinimicas, Cumberland Co.,
> Nova Scotia
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Hi Sheldon Can't help you on Mark Jr,as a mater of fact the whole
Patton clan seems to be a brick wall.I have some info,but what I am
working on now is trying to find a ships list that would tell me how thy
got hear.Have you any info on that.I have info that Mark Sr--Ann and
Dorthy were born in Ireland,butthe other three kids ?????.If I find
anything I will let you know.
May the roots of your tree grow ever stronger,
and your tree bear so much fruit,your hard drive
runneth over.
Looking for LITTLES and THOMPSONS ���
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