HANELRYGHT at Amherst Shore

Hello all,

Can anyone provide an answer to this ?

I recently confirmed that

William HANELRYGHT died in Amherst Shore in 1869 as a widower

I have found that there is at least 2 early settler cemeteries there
Are there more ??

One is called the Baxter Cemetary,
the other is the Amherst Shore Baptist Cemetary.

Does anyone have records of just who is buried in these cemeteries ??

Does anyone know of any other cemeteries locally ??

Is it possible that

James HANELWRYGHT and wife Jane ???
their son William HANELRYGHT (d. 1869 as a widower) and wife ??? are buried in these cemeteries???
( They were all Baptists I think )

Any insights and opinions you can offer would be gratefully accepted

Jim Hanright
in Mt. Maunganui
New Zealand