Re: Beriah and the Parrsboro Township Book

Hello Sandra: I have not seen the original Parrsboro Township Book myself but there is a typed, hardbound copy at the Ottawa House Museum where I volunteer. The spelling was dreadful in most cases but I believe it was copied as written on the original for authenticity. Often, the names were spelled as they were heard pronounced - add any kind of accent and you get things like they did to Zerviah! <grin> Unfortunately, it often happened to surnames as well sometimes changing a name forever.



Sandra Naehrig wrote:

> From: Sandra Naehrig <snaehrig@...>
> Has anyone actually seen the Parrsboro Township Book? According to Terry Punch it is housed in the Vaughan Library at Acadia University. I have a copy of a typed transcript which is in the Milner Papers but would love to compare it to the real thing as I too suspect that there are mistakes in the transcript. For example Souiah Noleton merid (sic) Francis VraNor--I don't know what name VraNor represents but I suspect Souiah is really Zerviah which is a family name. Granted this could be a mistake of the original scribe who was obviously no speller!
> Does a microfilm of the original exist? Where did you see the pages, Heather? I would like to see this list offer information on where to find original, filmed and transcribed records. All of us who live far away would be very grateful.
> Sandra
> Hi, Heather,
> Is there a possibility that the town book date was 1791, and not 1797? I've seen pages from
> that book, and they can be hard to read. I can see where a "1" and a "7" might be confused. Would
> you happen to have a scan of that marriage info from the town book that you'd be willing to show
> me? This family sure sounds right to me, even the Susanna in the Alexander Tait/Beriah Taylor
> children makes sense...
> Will check the Lockharts later...getting ready to upgrade the PC and have all my info stored
> on floppies. I'll get back to you on that.
> Thanks,
> Judy
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