Beriah and the Parrsboro Township Book

Has anyone actually seen the Parrsboro Township Book? According to Terry Punch it is housed in the Vaughan Library at Acadia University. I have a copy of a typed transcript which is in the Milner Papers but would love to compare it to the real thing as I too suspect that there are mistakes in the transcript. For example Souiah Noleton merid (sic) Francis VraNor--I don't know what name VraNor represents but I suspect Souiah is really Zerviah which is a family name. Granted this could be a mistake of the original scribe who was obviously no speller!

Does a microfilm of the original exist? Where did you see the pages, Heather? I would like to see this list offer information on where to find original, filmed and transcribed records. All of us who live far away would be very grateful.


Hi, Heather,
Is there a possibility that the town book date was 1791, and not 1797? I've seen pages from
that book, and they can be hard to read. I can see where a "1" and a "7" might be confused. Would
you happen to have a scan of that marriage info from the town book that you'd be willing to show
me? This family sure sounds right to me, even the Susanna in the Alexander Tait/Beriah Taylor
children makes sense...
Will check the Lockharts later...getting ready to upgrade the PC and have all my info stored
on floppies. I'll get back to you on that.