Re: recognize a name?

E.Rodier wrote:
> From: "E.Rodier" <rodiere@...>
> Sandra,
> C. Rector, Boot & Shoemaker (listed twice) is on the AF Church map estimaged
> date 1861 for the Parrsborough Business Directory . There are 3 Moore names
> near Rosslin, NE of Oxford on the same map. I'm looking for any relatives of
> Mary Moore born NS (census) who married Joseph Peel in 1818 and lived in the
> Hansford area. Another contact has a possible Nancy Moore a few years older
> born in Ireland.
> Elizabeth
> > Moore, Sampson
> > Moore, Sarah
> > Rector, Robert
> > Rector, Mary
> > Rector, Harriet
> > Rector, Mary 2nd
> > Rector, Robert 2nd
> > Rector, BERIAH
> > Skidmore, Rebecca
> >
> > All these people are listed as members in a Methodist class in Woodstock
> on the Parrsboro-Maccan Circuit. No one I've asked has been able to tell me
> where or what Woodstock was. It has to be near Parrsboro and Maccan--not in
> NB, Yarmouth or Lunenburg. Can anyone help identify the place?
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Dear E. Rodier,

My ggrandmother was Sarah Peel Siddall of Hansford, daughter of Joseph
Peel (b. 1798) and Mary Moore (b. ca. 1800). So I guess Mary Moore would
be my gggrandmother. Joseph and Mary were married 22 December 1818.
Their daughter Sarah married Edwin Siddall, also of Hansford. Edwin and
Sarah are buried in Pine Grove cemetery in Oxford. I don't know where
Joseph and Mary are buried, but am trying to find out. If you come
across further information, I'd appreciate anything you'd care to pass

Hope this helps a bit.


John Ripley