Re: Beriah

There is certainly always the possibility of a transcription error. If it is the marriage of Ebenezer
Taylor and Freelove Jenks that you are referring to, it should also be taken into consideration that the
entry is after a wedding of July 24, 1797 and before one in October, 1797. It would appear the entries
were made in a chronological order so this may help confirm the date.

Heather Robinson

Heather Olsen wrote:

> From: Heather Olsen <holsen@...>
> On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, SIWL wrote:
> >
> > Hi, Heather,
> > Is there a possibility that the town book date was 1791, and not 1797? I've seen pages from
> > that book, and they can be hard to read. I can see where a "1" and a "7" might be confused. Would
> > you happen to have a scan of that marriage info from the town book that you'd be willing to show
> > me? This family sure sounds right to me, even the Susanna in the Alexander Tait/Beriah Taylor
> > children makes sense...
> My source for the Parrsboro township book info was Heather Robinson,
> who I see is also on this list, and has just explained the form she has
> the list in.
> It is of course possible that the marriage date was 1791, but that would
> make Ebeneezer considerably older than the other children. This is not an
> impossibility though, as Eleazer and Susanna might have had him in New
> Jersey in the early 1770's, and then not had any more children while
> Eleazer was off fighting during the war. If I ever find this family in New
> Jersey, that might help sort things out.
> Heather Olsen
> holsen@...
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