Re: Beriah

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, SIWL wrote:

> Hi, Heather,
> Is there a possibility that the town book date was 1791, and not 1797? I've seen pages from
> that book, and they can be hard to read. I can see where a "1" and a "7" might be confused. Would
> you happen to have a scan of that marriage info from the town book that you'd be willing to show
> me? This family sure sounds right to me, even the Susanna in the Alexander Tait/Beriah Taylor
> children makes sense...

My source for the Parrsboro township book info was Heather Robinson,
who I see is also on this list, and has just explained the form she has
the list in.

It is of course possible that the marriage date was 1791, but that would
make Ebeneezer considerably older than the other children. This is not an
impossibility though, as Eleazer and Susanna might have had him in New
Jersey in the early 1770's, and then not had any more children while
Eleazer was off fighting during the war. If I ever find this family in New
Jersey, that might help sort things out.

Heather Olsen