Re: [nscumber] Surnames

At 12:50 PM 4/30/2000, you wrote:
>I have just subscribed to this list...
> Also couldsomeone tell me what Hutchinson's Directory is.

Welcome to the list...a few more folks have signed on since we
started transcribing a copy of the 13 pages of Cumberland County
listings in the 1864-65 Hutchinson's Directory for Nova Scotia.
The quick answer is that the Directory appears to have been a
sort of "Yellow Pages" guide as it lists 1,200 of the 20,000 or so
residents at the time. You likely signed on midstream of a sort
of barn raising party where a number of folks pitched in and got
the Directory listings online in record time... you can see the
results at:

Thanks to all who offered and contributed to what I'm sure will be
a useful resource. There are an assortment of years available, I
believe this one was the earliest available for Cumberland on
microfilm at the Nova Scotia archives. Perhaps we might jump to
a post 1901 census period as there are some, I believe, in the first
decades of the 20th century as well as those the appear for the
time range we have census records available.