Re: George Austin Graham and family of Fox River

Oooops, I meant her d.o.d.

Also Dave, Maud's mother was Margaret M. 'Maggie' Bryant, born circa 1885
in Shulie, however, would you know where Maggie brought up? Her parents were Putnam Bryant and Louise Cloney, yet she never appears with the family.


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Is Maud's d.o.b. 2 or 3 Sept. 1911. I try to magnetize it more than the scan but it didn't help me.

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for your extra set of eyes.

I’ll keep the name at Maud Naomi? Graham in my file. Maybe it was the registrar who couldn’t spell worth beans.

Maud’s sister, Gertrude Ella Graham m/1 Roy Dawson Joyce and stayed “local” but I don’t know what happened to their parents or their three surviving siblings.

Anyway, another small hole filled in the tree.


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Hi Dave
I looked at the scan and it looks as if her middle name starts with an 'N' but the ending doesn't look like the other e's in the scan, and the m looks different. I still believe you are correct in the assumption that her name in Naomi or close to that.


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Anyone know what Maud's middle name is from her death record scan? Neomie?

Appears Austin and Maggie lost two of their children within a week of each
other from sickness caused by a waste water/drinking water issue.

Maud N. Graham, died 1911 in Port Greville, Cumberland County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1911 - Book: 5 - Page: 288 - Number:
Died of Septic Diarrhea
Cecil R. Graham, died 1911 in Port Greville, Cumberland County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1911 - Book: 5 - Page: 289 - Number:
Died of Septic Diarrhea
1921 Census:
Name:     Austin Graham
Gender:     Male
Marital Status:     Married
Age:     46
Birth Year:     abt 1875
Birth Place:     Nova Scotia
Relation to Head of House:     Head
Spouse's Name:     Margaret Graham
Father Birth Place:     Nova Scotia
Mother Birth Place:     Nova Scotia
Racial or Tribal Origin:     Scotch (Scotish)
Province or Territory:     Nova Scotia
District:     Cumberland
District Number:     55
Sub-District:     Port Grenville
Sub-District Number:     31
City, Town or Village:     Fox River
Street or Township:     Fox River
Municipality:     Cumberland
Occupation:     Cabman
Income:     800
Neighbors:     View others on page
Household Members:
Name     Age
Austin Graham     46
Margaret Graham     36
Muriel Graham     19
Gertrude Graham     15
Clayton Graham     6