Re: Bonnie Susan McAloney of Amherst

Barbara is the oldest daughter of Audrey and Reginald. She was put up for adoption at birth due to them not being married.
And she was married twice.  The both* in obituary is saying Me and barb both reside in Halifax.
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Hi Stacey:

Thanks for the refresher to my original query a while back. I remember now.

I have a Barbara McAloney attached to Daniel Reginald “Reg” McAloney and Audrey Jean Hunter per your Mom’s obit:

Bonnie is survived by her cherished daughter, Stacey McAloney, loving sisters, **Barb "Sissy" (Mullen, Evans) McAloney, both of Halifax**, Vicky (Mike) Shipley, Oxford; brother, Terry, Ont.

The above says “both” [meaning two] but only appears to reference Barb “Sissy” (Mullen, Evans) of Dartmouth

Neither your grandfather, Reg or grandmother, Audrey, or your Aunt Linda reference Barbara in their obits as a daughter / sister respectively.

How does Barbara fit in? Was Barbara married twice?



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It was referring to barb mcaloney not being listed in Audrey mcaloney obit

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Hi Stacey

I now forget what queries I had as I have your mother’s obit which I found on Google as dated 14 Jan 2015 in my program. That’s 18 months ago.

It was possibly the step-children mentioned in your Mom’s mother’s obit as to who belongs to whom.

Or, Uncle Robert Baker’s parent’s names?

Or, something connected to Alexander Fisher and Annie Mae MacDonald. They raised an adopted son, Arthur George Fisher (1939 Parrsboro - 1994 Amherst) whom I believe had birth parents from Parrsboro with a “Winter/s” connections – the line I research.

You can reply to this post or e-mail me directly off the list at <davidwinter@...> if any of the info is of a sensitive mature.


Dave Winter

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Hi David  I am Bonnie's daughter and would be happy to answer your questions  are you still active here?