Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" (Pettis) McLaren of Diligent River

She is a sister to the Henry Freeman Pettis of recent discussions.

Her married surname switches between McLaren and MacLaren.

NSARM Pictou Marriages 19000; Book #1832; Page #188; Entry #29
Neil F. McLaren, 30, b, Butcher
Living New Glasgow; Born Wentworth Grant; S/o James and Catherine, Farmer
Bessie Pettis, s, 28
Living New Glasgow; Born Parrsboro; D/o Hiram and Sarah, Ship Captain
Married 28 Mar 1900, Salvation Army, New Glasgow

Source: Dave Winter 31 Aug 2007
There are at least two related Delayed Registered Birth Applications on the
NSARM Website:

Sarah Glennie McLaren, born 31 Jan 1901 at New Glasgow

Edward Duncan McLaren, born 13 Dec 1905 at New Glasgow
Neil Fraser MacLaren dies as a widower on 23 May 1955 at New Glasgow but I
can't locate Bessie's death record before that date.
Sarah G. MacLaren m/1 Frederick Aubrey Livingston on 15 Sep 1937 at New
Glasgow (signed as MacLaren but delayed birth is as McLaren)
Automated Genealogy Version:
1911 Pictou County Census, Wentworth Grant family #70, McLaren:
28 70 McLaren James M Head M Aug 1836 75
29 70 McLaren Catherine F Wife M Apr 1834 77
30 70 McLaren Neil F. M Son S Mar 1870 41
31 70 McLaren James E. M Grandson S Nov 1897
32 70 McLaren Sarah G. F Granddaughter S Jan
1901 10

[Where's wife, Bessie and son, Edward Duncan McLaren? Neil Fraser and
daughter, Sarah Glennie are living with his parents; he's listed as "S" not