Harry/Henry Duncan Pettis

Harry or Henry was the s/o Henry Freeman Pettis and Bertha Castera Morris. Harry must be a nickname. Harry married between 1920 and 1925 to his first cousin, Sarah Mae/May Pettis.
Harry Pettis in household of Arthur Roberts, "United States Census, 1920"
Name: Harry Pettis 
 Titles and Terms: 
 Event Type: Census  
 Event Year: 1920 
 Event Place: Detroit Ward 1, Wayne, Michigan, United States 
 District: 24  
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 24 
 Marital Status: Single 
 Race: White 
 Race (Original): White 
 Can Read: Yes 
 Can Write: Yes 
 Relationship to Head of Household: Lodger 
 Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Lodger 
 Own or Rent: 
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1896 
 Birthplace: Canada 
 Immigration Year: 1916 
 Father's Birthplace: Canada 
 Mother's Birthplace: Canada 
 Sheet Number and Letter: 3A 
 Household ID: 147 
 Line Number: 23 
 Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 
 Affiliate Publication Number: T625 
 GS Film number: 1820802 
 Digital Folder Number: 004311640 
 Image Number: 00352
Household           Gender  Age  Birthplace
Arthur Roberts            M   34  New Hampshire   
Maude Roberts            F   30  New Hampshire   
Joseph Kane               M   25  Michigan   
Henry Christian            M   49  Indiana   
Harry Pettis                  M   24  Canada *****
Louis Bridenbaugh       M   23  Pennsylvania   
George Schwieterman M   36  Ohio   
Thomas Hamilton          M   40  Pennsylvania 
Harry Duncan Pettis, "British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986"
Name: Harry Duncan Pettis 
 Event Type: Death 
 Event Date: 20 May 1953 
 Event Place: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada 
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 57 
 Marital Status: Married 
 Birth Date: 09 May 1896 
 Birthplace: , Nova Scotia 
 Father's Name: Henry Pettis 
 Mother's Name: Bertha Morris 
 Spouse's Name: Sarah Mae Pettis [nee Pettis] 
 Tribe or Clan: 
 Affiliate Film Number: B13216 
 GS Film number: 2032875 
 Digital Folder Number: 004438078 
 Image Number: 01127 
 Registration Number: 53-09-006606 
Sarah May Pettis, "British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986"
Name: Sarah May Pettis 
 Event Type: Death 
 Event Date: 13 May 1956 
 Event Place: Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada 
 Gender: Female 
 Age: 61 
 Marital Status: Widowed 
 Birth Date: 25 Aug 1894 
 Birthplace: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia 
 Father's Name: Frederick William Pettis [s/o Hiram & Sarah (Glennie) Pettis]
 Mother's Name: Martha Bonnyman 
 Spouse's Name: ***Harry Duncan Pettis***
 Tribe or Clan: 
 Affiliate Film Number: B13228  
 GS Film number: 2033104 
 Digital Folder Number: 004438083 
 Image Number: 00962 
 Registration Number: 56 09 005946 
Walter Harvey Pettis, "British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986"
Name: Walter Harvey Pettis 
 Event Type: Death 
 Event Date: 07 Jul 1982 
 Event Place: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada 
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 56 
 Marital Status: ***Single***
 Birth Date: 21 Oct 1925 
 Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta 
 Father's Name: Harry Duncan Pettis 
 Mother's Name: Sadie May 
 Spouse's Name: 
 Tribe or Clan: 
 Affiliate Film Number: B13622 
 GS Film number: 2051743 
 Digital Folder Number: 004479491 
 Image Number: 00148 
 Registration Number: 82-09-011614