Capt. Lawson Soley Cochrane

Lawson was the s/o Capt. James William Cochrane and Naomi Jane Soley.
Lawson S Cochrane, "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915"
Name: Lawson S Cochrane 
 Titles and Terms: 
 Event Type: Marriage 
 Event Date: 09 Dec 1912 
 Event Place: Boston, Massachusetts  
 Gender: Male  
 Age: 24 
 Marital Status: 
 Birth Date: 1888 [5 Aug]
 Birthplace: Port Greville, Nova Scotia 
 Registration Year: 
 Registration Place: Boston, Massachusetts 
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1888 
 Father's Name: John W Cochrane 
 Father's Titles and Terms: 
 Mother's Name: Naomi J Soley 
 Mother's Titles and Terms: 
[occupation: sailor]
Spouse's Name: Clara Canning 
 Spouse's Titles and Terms: 
 Spouse's Race: 
 Spouse's Marital Status: 
 Spouse's Father's Name: James Canning 
 Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms: 
 Spouse's Mother's Name: Annie Canning 
 Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms: 
 Certificate Number: 15045 
 GS Film number: 2409944 
 Digital Folder Number: 4329369 
 Image Number: 00809 
 Number of Images: 1 
[occupation: nurse, born: 18 Aug 1887 Brookville]
Lawson Soley Cochrane, "U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918"
Name: Lawson Soley Cochrane 
 Event Type: Draft Registration 
 Event Date: 1917-1918 
 Event Place: New York City no 23, New York, United States 
 Gender: Male 
 Birth Date: 05 Aug 1888 
 Birthplace: Fox River, Nova Scotia, Canada 
 Nationality: Great Britain 
 Affiliate Publication Title: World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards 
 Affiliate Publication Number: M1509 
 GS Film number: 001754134 
 Digital Folder Number: 005262781 
 Image Number: 04880 
Lawson Cochrane, "United States Census, 1930"
Name: Lawson Cochrane 
 Titles and Terms: 
 Event Type: Census 
 Event Year: 1930 
 Event Place: Brooklyn (Districts 1501-1750), Kings, New York, United States 
 District: 1676 
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 42 
 Marital Status: Married 
 Race: White 
 Race (Original): White 
 Relationship to Head of Household: Head 
 Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head 
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1888 
 Birthplace: Nova Scotia 
 Immigration Year: 1905 
 Father's Birthplace: Nova Scotia 
 Mother's Birthplace: Nova Scotia 
 Sheet Number and Letter: 5A 
 Household ID: 68 
 Line Number: 28 
 Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 
 Affiliate Publication Number: T626 
 Affiliate Film Number: 1532 
 GS Film number: 2341267 
 Digital Folder Number: 004638818 
 Image Number: 01000 
Household        Gender Age Birthplace
Lawson Cochrane   M   42  Nova Scotia   
Clara Cochrane         F   43  Nova Scotia   
Rexmond Cochrane  M   17  Rhode Island   
Delta Cochrane         F   16  Nova Scotia   
Rita Cochrane           F    9  New York   
Robert Nelson          M    32  Georgia
Lawson S Cochrane, "California, Death Index, 1940-1997"
Name: Lawson S Cochrane 
 Event Type: Death 
 Event Date: 29 Feb 1964 
 Event Place: San Francisco, California, United States 
 Birth Date: 05 Aug 1888 
 Birthplace: Canada 
 Gender: Male 
 Father's Name: 
 Mother's Name: Soley