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Please go to the website below and read the entire story. Capt. Alger M.
Cheney was 1st Pilot of the ill fated C-124 Globemaster that crashed into
the side of a mountain at full speed.

The crash site wasn't discovered again until almost 60 years later, on 14
Jun 2012. Most of the remains have still to be recovered.

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Anchorage, Alaska - November 22, 1952

A C-124 Globemaster crashed into Knik Glacier east of Anchorage, Alaska, on
November 22, 1952, killing all 52 service members on board. According to
Alaskan historian Doug Beckstead, when the plane went down the weather was
brutal. The crew were flying blind, using their altimeter, a stopwatch, and
a radio signal to find their way home. As they flew above the Chugach
Mountains, only minutes away from landing at Joint Base
Elmendorf-Richardson, the massive C-124 Globemaster suffered a malfunction
and began losing altitude. The reason even this is known, explained Casey
Grove and Mike Dunham at Stars & Stripes, is because a nearby Northwest
pilot deciphered a scratchy radio signal over his headset that said, ³As
long as we have to land, we might as well land here.² The plane plowed into
the mountain at full speed and the bits of debris were covered by snow
before it could be found. Aside from a splash of debris spotted by a
squadron of searchers that was lost to the elements within days, nothing was
heard from ³Old Shaky¹s² crew or passengers ever again.

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Wreckage Discovered
Manifest/casualties (crew & passenger)
Wreckage Discovered
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Manifest/casualties (crew & passenger)
Anderson, A/B Isaac W. Sr., 625th AC & W Sq 10th Air Div) (one son, Isaac W.
Anderson, Jr., Tampa, FL)
Berger, 2LT Alan (husband of Janice Berger, Brooklyn, NY) (Army)
Budahn, A/2C Verne Chester
Buie, 2LT Reginald ³Reggie² (son of Mrs. Grace Wiles, Pensacola, FL) (Army)
Burns, A/2C Bateman R.
Card, PVT Robert D. (husband of Patsy A. Card, Hopeville, GA) (Army)
******Cheney, CAPT Alger M. (32) (CREW - first pilot) (Born July 7, 1920 in
Lubec, ME; survived by wife Elaine who lived in Tacoma, WA; Son of Reginald
Meredith and Margaret E. Yorke Cheney. Siblings: Louise K., Clifton E.,
Victor W., Bernard Lyman, Clayton, and Pearl A. Cheney) (see In Memoriam
Cody, A/1C Delroy C. (son of Hubert Nathan (Daniels) Cody and Margaret
Sangster Henderson Cody) (see In Memoriam section)
Condon, A/2C Thomas J. (Waukesha, WI)
Coombes, CAPT. William Nelson, 31, 10th Air Rescue Group, Elmendorf AFB
(Detroit, MI)
Costley, SSGT Eugene R. (CREW - 2nd E) (Elmira, NY)
Draskey, CAPT Delbert D. (Chicago, IL)
Duvall, CAPT Kenneth J. (37) (CREW - aircraft commander from Vallejo, CA;
wife Josephine R. of Tacoma, WA)
Dyer, A/2C Carroll R. (Salisbury, VT)
Goebel, CAPT Jerome H. (Chicago, IL)
Green, PVT James R. (husband of Vera A. Green, Long Branch, NJ) (Army)
Hagen, TSGT Engolf W. (CREW - 1st E) (son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hagen,
Roseau, MN)
Hoblit, COL Noel Elmer (39 Medical Group World War II) (Utah/California;
born February 12, 1907; husband of Virginia Helen Hoblit who died December
12, 1994)
Hooton, A/1C Marion E. (Sylacauga, AL)
Ingram, A./1C George M. (CREW - Load Master) (son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Ingram,
Pontotoc, MS)
Jackson, A 3/C Wayne Dean (CREW - Flight Attendant) (Downing, MO) (see In
Memoriam section)
Jackson, MAJ William C.
Kimball, A/3C James R. (CREW - FA) (son of James R. Kimball, Taos, NM)
Kittle, PVT Leonard A. (husband of Sandra S. Kittle, Caney, KS & believed to
be the son of Albert H. Kittle who was born 1902 & died July 29, 1990)
Leaford, 2LT Jack R. Jr. (wife Clarissa P. Leaford, Oakland, CA)
Loeffler, 2LT Edwin H. (son of Mr. & Mrs. Gustave A. Loeffler, Babylon, NY)
Lyons, A/2C Thomas S.
Martin, A/3C Howard E.
Matthews, A/2C Loyd Lewis (Union, MS; only son of Alva L. & Mildred
Matthews, now deceased; Loyd's only sibling is Carolyn Matthews Simmons,
Union, MS) (see In Memoriam section)
McMann, A/2C Dan F. (Marinette, WI; son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. McMann)
Miller, A./2C Edward J.
Mize, A/2C Edmond W. Jr. (Rossville, GA)
Moon, 2/LT Robert E. (Evanston, IL)
Newsome, A/1C Sterling E. (Herne, TX)
Owen, A/2C Robert A. (CREW - Radio Operator) (son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Owen, Starke, FL)
Ponikvar, CAPT John E. Jr. (had a wife; stationed at Elmendorf AFB, AK)
Ray, SSGT James Herbert Jr. (Worthington, PA; had been stationed at Brookley
AFB in Mobile, AL; wife Ava was pregnant with daughter Jamie at time of
Schnore, MSGT Edward J. (husband of Gertrude Schnore, Richmond, VA; Mrs.
Schnore was a war bride from Germany.) (Army)
Scott, A./3C Marlon L. (CREW - Radio Operator) (Lebanon, IN; son of Lawrence
D. Scott)
Seeboth, CDR Albert J. (Navy) (had a wife at Fairbanks, AK)
Sheda, 1/LT Donald A. (Berwyn, IL)
Singleton, LT COL Lawrence Scroggs DDS (husband of Winifred J. Dobbins
Singleton of Boston/Los Angeles) (Army) (see In Memoriam section)
Smith, COL Eugene (Wilmington, DE)
Sprague, A/2C Conrad N. (CREW - 2nd E) (from Sequim, WA; survived by wife
Dorothy Jean & son Dennis, age 4 of Tacoma, WA); member 1705th Air Transport
Group at McChord AFB)
Stearns, MAJ Earl J. (survived by sons Greg, Bob, and Earl Jr. and wife
Dixie Ann). He was a Marine.
Thigpen, A/2C Thomas C. (Picayune, MS)
Tribble, CAPT Walter Perrin (Champaign, IL; born February 22, 1923; from
Donalds, Abbeville County, South Carolina)
Turnbull, CAPT Robert W. (Belleville, IL)
Turner, 1Lt. William T. (CREW - navigator) (China Grove, NC)
Unger, TSGT Leonard G. (CREW - flight chief) (Gerald, M0; see In Memoriam
VanFossen, S/SGT Robert D. (Greenbriar, AR)
White, A/2C Bernis F. (Fordyce, AR)

Cheney, Capt. Alger
Captain Cheney was a veteran of World War II. During the Korean War he was a
member of the 1705th Air Transport Group at McChord Air Force Base,
Washington. On November 22, 1952, he was the first pilot of a C-124
Globemaster transport flying from McCord Air Force Base to Elmendorf Air
Force Base, Alaska. The plane crashed near Anchorage, Alaska killing all
fifty-two on board. Captain Cheney was awarded the National Defense Service
Medal and the World War II Victory Medal.

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