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Yes this is correct. I have this info as well.thought you might have found something more definitive. She died in November 1884, if I am remembering correct from the Jenks Journal. Jane was William's sister and married in 1872 to Alexander Reid. She had two boys but they seemed to have disappeared. Can't find anything after 1881 census.


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Hi Kate
Joiyce 1871 census (this is how it is indexed)
Catherine Joyce was still alive in 1871 during the census. She was living with son William and Catherine (Hatfield) and 5 grandchildren. Her age is listed as 74 years and she is a widow. Also living here is Jane 32 years, I assume she is single and William's sister.

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That is good information to hold on to. Catherine and John Joyce's first son was Thomas. There has to be a connection. Can you cite a source for 1797 as Catherine's year of birth? I have not found one. Thank you so much Steve!

Katherine Joyce-Walker
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