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You are right Dave
This migration has been going on for centuries.

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for these.

This year our provincial politicians were complaining about the outsourcing of people as we continue to lose people from Nova Scotia per the last census data. We now have over 1,000 less people in Nova Scotia than the year before.

From a genealogical perspective, this phenomenon has been going on for well over 125 years as more and more Nova Scotian’s either head west or south in search for better jobs and living conditions.

Many early settlers came to Nova Scotia from the United States as United Empire Loyalist in order to remain loyal to King George yet 100 years later, their descendents start migrating back to the United States.

My observations only.


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Elizabeth was the d/o Samuel Holmes Vickery and Edna Delila Spicer.
Elizabeth Vickery, "Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-1994"
Name: Frank Krichbaum  
 Titles and Terms:  
 Event Type: Marriage  
 Event Date: 25 Feb 1922  
 Event Place: Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States  
 Age: 29  
 Birth Date:  
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1893  
 Birthplace: Crestline, Ohio
 Father's Name: John  
 Father's Titles and Terms:  
 Mother's Name: Elizabeth Long  
 Mother's Titles and Terms:  
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Vickery  
 Spouse's Titles and Terms:  
 Spouse's Age: 30  
 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1892
 Spouse's Birthplace: Nova Scotia [Diligent River]
 Spouse's Father's Name: Samuel  
 Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms:  
 Spouse's Mother's Name: Edna Spicer  
 Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms:  
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Name: Frank D Krichbaum  
 Titles and Terms:  
 Event Type: Census  
 Event Year: 1930  
 Event Place: Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States  
 District: 0081  
 Gender: Male  
 Age: 37  
 Marital Status: Married  
 Race: White  
 Race (Original): White  
 Relationship to Head of Household: Head  
 Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head  
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1893  
 Birthplace: Ohio  
 Immigration Year:  
 Father's Birthplace: Germany  
 Mother's Birthplace: Germany  
 Sheet Number and Letter: 5B  
 Household ID: 137  
 Line Number: 97  
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Household         Gender   Age  Birthplace
Frank D Krichbaum    M     37  Ohio    
Eilzabeth Krichbaum  F    38  Canada    
Marie Krichbaum        F     6  Ohio    
Virginia Krichbaum     F     4  Ohio  
Frank Krichbaum, "United States World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942"
Name: Frank Krichbaum  
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