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Sorry, Marriage should be 1864 not 1844. Posted too early in the day without a Java fix first.


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ALLEN Researchers:

With Scott’s tip and doing some digging on the NSARM Vitals Website,

Charles Minor/Miner Allen m/1 Martha Margaret Jane Priest from Pictou in 1844. Although the record says Baptist, Parrsboro, later registered births say marriage was at Apple River. Whether Martha is related to the other Priest’s in the Cumberland County area at the time remains to be proven.

The surname, Allen switches back and forth from Allen to Allan in the many records. Riversdale, Colchester County has a large lumbering business in operation at the time.

It looks like Charles and Martha had issue of at least the following children:

Mary H. Allen, born 1866 in Parrsboro, m/1 Leonard Johnson
Charles Brenton Allen, born 1868, Riversdale Station, Colchester County
Eleanor N. Jane Allen, born 1869 Riversdale, Colchester County, m/1 Henry Alexander Hattie
Isaac Ambrose Allen, born 1871 Riversdale, Colchester County, m/1 Annie Jane Marshall
Clara Allen, born 1873 Riversdale, Colchester County
Etta Marie Allen, born 1875 Riversdale, Colchester County, m/1 Charles Logan
Margaret “Maggie” Allen, born 1877 Riversdale, Colchester County, m/1 Ilvaine Olintus Williams
Jessie Allen, born 1879, Riversdale, Colchester County
Hugh Allen, 1880, Riversdale, Colchester County

Martha is deceased sometime before 1907 as Charles Minor Allen m/2 Annie Laura Heirhiliy? in 1907

Charles dies 24 Jun 1920 at Beaver Brook, Colchester County while Annie dies 10 Apr 1928 at Beaver Brook, Colchester County.

1871 Census:
3600    TRURO B    18    ALLEN    CHARLES        29        M
3600    TRURO B    18    ALLEN    MARGARET    28        M
3600    TRURO B    18    ALLEN    MARY        5        
3600    TRURO B    18    ALLEN    CHARLES        3    
3600    TRURO B    18    ALLEN    ELEONER        1
1881 Census:
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    CHARLES        39    M
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    MARGARET    38    M
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    MARY        15
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    CHARLES        13        
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    JANE                11    
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    ISAAC        9
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    CARISY        8        
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    ETTA                6
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    MARGARET    4
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    JESSIE        2        
102    SALMON RIVER    102    ALLEN    HUGH        0    B. DEC 1880

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Dave I have Robert ,Jane and Wilson buried in the Methodest cemetery in Diligent River. They also had Hallie Maud, b. 21 May 1882.

Charles & Mary also had a son Charles Miner,b. 02 May 1840 and a daughter Eunice,b, o1 Jan.1842. She married John McGilvary. Matilda married Alfred Hoeg in 1871 and James Fife
 in 1911