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Hi Scott:


I have her as Hattie Maude Allen, m/1 John Wallace Carter (on the marriage record, Hallie looks to possibly be Hattie with a line crossing the “ll”). I have her obit in the basket list for my next trip. Hubby died 25 May 1948 in Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow; Hattie/Hallie was alive in 1948.

The birth dates for Robert Spicer Allen and Eunice Allen are a bit “tight” (not at least 9 months apart) so one of the dates must be off.

I already had Matilda factored in.

Thanks again.


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Dave I have Robert ,Jane and Wilson buried in the Methodest cemetery in Diligent River. They also had Hallie Maud, b. 21 May 1882.

Charles & Mary also had a son Charles Miner,b. 02 May 1840 and a daughter Eunice,b, o1 Jan.1842. She married John McGilvary. Matilda married Alfred Hoeg in 1871 and James Fife
 in 1911

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Hi Scott:

THANKS. I’ll do a match & merge.

I had Charles Miner Allen and Mary Halliday in my file but only had 3 children for them; John William Allen, Jacob W. Allen and Mary Matilda (Allen) Fife. Are there more children in this family?

I’m sure Jane Wood must somehow be related to the local Wood’s and Wood’s Mountain in the Fox River – Diligent River area.

Both Robert and Jane plus children, Edmund Johnson Allen & Wilson Allen are buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Wharton, per the late Jack Wagstaff photo collection. Wilson Allen is engraved on his parent’s stone and lists his age but I can’t make it out in the image.

1881 Census:
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    ROBERT    40    (Robert Spicer Allen)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    JANE        39    (Jane Wood)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    ANN        17     (Annie Laura)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    ?        15 MALE (Albert Edward)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    CHARLES    13    
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    SIMON?    11 MALE (Edmond Johnson?)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    STEWART    9    
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    EMA        7 (Emma Julia)
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    JOSEPH    5
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    ROBERT    3        
4625    PARRSBORO SHORE    25    ALLING    HANNA    2 (Harvey Lawson?))

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Robert Spicer Allen was the s/o Charles Miner Allen &  Mary Halliday.


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Does anyone have parents for Robert S. Allen and / or his wife, Jane Wood
who were married 1863? Jane's father was Joseph on her death record.

Robert died 19 Jan 1909 in Diligent River and Jane died 31 Jul 1924 in
Diligent River.