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Hi Dave
You are right about Byers. I rechecked his WW1 registration and he signed it Byers but it was indexed as Byors.

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Hi Steve:

Thanks for the extra data which I didn’t have. They are on my Winter/s tree.

John Hibbert Lambert and Elvie Lena Lambert were my paternal grandfather’s 1st cousins.

I have Elvie Lena as BYERS. She died 31 Aug 1923 at Spencer’s Island of Tuberculosis.
United Church, Advocate, N.S.; Reel #11166-X, NSARM, Halifax, N.S.
Elvie Byers (nee Lambert), Spencer's Island, age 35, buried 2 Sep 1923 by Rev. H. Cooke

Source: Dave Winter
NSARM Cumberland Deaths 1923; Book #107; Page #241
(Indexed as Eluil Lena Byoes)
Elvie Lena Byers, Spencer’s Island, Married, Housewife
Born (not given)
Died 31 Aug 1923, Spencer’s Island, age 35 years, 1 month, of Tuberculosis
D/o George Lambert, N.S., and Elizabeth Winters, Cumberland Co.
Informant; Clifford Lambert, Spencer’s Island, Brother
Buried 2 Sep 1923, Advocate

Source: Dave Winter 30 Sep 2007
As for John Hibbert Lambert’s 3 daughters:

Elvie Marietta Lambert; I believe she had a daughter born out of wedlock around 1929 in Amherst who was put up for adoption and adopted locally. I won’t mention her name on the list as this lady is widowed and still living in Cumberland County. Elvie Marietta went on to m/1 Cornelius Tielle from New York. Elvie died in New York on 24 Aug 1991.

Myrtle Blanche Lambert m/1 Bernard P. Partridge on 14 Oct 1925 at Searsport, Maine.

Harriet May Lambert m/1 Clarence Hibbert Rogers from Windham, Cumberland County on 25 Aug 1930, Baptist Parsonage, Advocate.


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Elvie is living in Spencer's Island in 1921 with her brothers. It states that she is still married. She has two children John Foster Byors, age 8 and George Richard Byors, age 4.
Elvie Lean Lambert, "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915"
Name: George F Byors
 Titles and Terms:  
 Event Type: Marriage  
 Event Date: 12 Jan 1913  
 Event Place: Marblehead, Massachusetts  
 Gender: Male  
 Age: 23  
 Marital Status:  
 Birth Date: 1890  
 Birthplace: Malden,
 Registration Year:  
 Registration Place: Marblehead, Massachusetts  
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1890  
 Father's Name: Charles W Byors
 Father's Titles and Terms:  
 Mother's Name: Mary A Brown  
 Mother's Titles and Terms:  
Spouse's Name: Elvie Lean [Lena] Lambert  
 Spouse's Titles and Terms:  
 Spouse's Race:  
 Spouse's Marital Status:  
 Spouse's Father's Name: George Lambert  
 Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms:  
 Spouse's Mother's Name: Elizabeth Winters  
 Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms:  
 Certificate Number: 5315  
 GS Film number: 2409945  
 Digital Folder Number: 4329370  
 Image Number: 00322  
 Number of Images: 1