John Hibbert Lambert

John is widowed in 1921 and living in Spencer's Island with his brothers.
John Hibbert Lambert, "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915"
Name: John Hibbert Lambert 
 Titles and Terms: 
 Event Type: Marriage 
 Event Date: 22 Oct 1904 
 Event Place: Marblehead, Massachusetts 
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 25 
 Marital Status: Married 
 Birth Date:  [10 April 1878]
 Birthplace: Nova Scotia [Spencer's Island]
 Registration Year: 
 Registration Place: 
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1879
 Father's Name: George Lambert 
 Father's Titles and Terms: 
 Mother's Name: Elizabeth Winters 
 Mother's Titles and Terms: 
 [occupation: laborer]
Spouse's Name: Ella M. Doliber 
 Spouse's Titles and Terms: 
 Spouse's Race: 
 Spouse's Marital Status: Married 
 Spouse's Father's Name: Arthur K. Doliber 
 Spouse's Father's Titles and Terms: 
 Spouse's Mother's Name: Mary E. Pattison 
 Spouse's Mother's Titles and Terms: 
 Certificate Number: 32 
 GS Film number: 2057589 
 Digital Folder Number: 4332430 
 Image Number: 00953 
 Number of Images:
John H Lambert, "United States Census, 1910"
Name: John H Lambert 
 Titles and Terms: 
 Event Type: Census 
 Event Year: 1910 
 Event Place: Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, United States 
 District: 418 
 Gender: Male 
 Age: 30 
 Marital Status: Married 
 Race: White 
 Race (Original): White 
 Relationship to Head of Household: Head 
 Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head 
 Birth Year (Estimated): 1880 
 Birthplace: Canada 
 Immigration Year: 1903 
 Father's Birthplace: Canada 
 Mother's Birthplace: Canada 
 Sheet Number and Letter: 4B 
 Household ID: 112 
 Line Number: 
 Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) 
 Affiliate Publication Number: M1283 
 GS Film number: 1374599 
 Digital Folder Number: 004330067 
 Image Number: 00149 
Household        Gender     Age    Birthplace
John H Lambert     M       30  Canada   
Lizzie M Lambert   F         25  Maine   
Myrtle B Lambert   F         5  Massachusetts [Myrtle Blanch]
Hattie M Lambert  F          3  Massachusetts [Harriett May]
Elvie M Lambert    F          0  Massachusetts [Elvie Marietta]
Elvie L Lambert     F         21  Canada [Elvie Lena]