Re: James Edward Brown


Forwarded directly to you my file on the family of James "Big Ned" Edward Brown. I
don't know who the parents are but my file does give indication who it isn't and also a bit on John Brown.


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From the 1921 Census
1921 Census - Lakelands, Cumb. Co., N.S.
Brown, James Edward,M, head , age 61, C of E, farmer
Brown, Sophia, wife,M, age 60, Roman Catholic
Brown, Mamie, daughter,S, age 20, RC
Brown, Rita, daughter,S, age 12, RC
Brown, Margaret, granddaughter,S, age 10, RC
Brown, Sophie, granddaughter,S, age 8, RC
Brown, James, son, age 28,S, RC, farmer
Brown, Frederick, son, age 17,S, RC

Anyone know who the grandchildren's parents are?
Daughter Mary Jane Brown's obit refers to a brother Jack - is this James?