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Thank you Arthur.

Avril's obituary also lists a deceased sister, Dorothy Burns.  Because Dorothy's NS birth reg. lists her as Dorothy Elizabeth, the following listing from the Herald Obit CD may possibly be her:
Dorothy Elizabeth Burns (Hantsport) - obit. publ. on Mar 24, 1983
however I don't have a copy of that obituary to be certain.

Regarding Lorenzo "Howard" Smith's death, the Herald Obit CD lists:
L. Howard Smith (Oxford) - obit. publ. on Oct 7, 1979
however, I believe that gentleman was born in 1922 and therefore is not our Lorenzo Howard Smith.


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Thanks for the obits Gerry.

Avril's obituary mentions another brother, Carl Percy Smith. His death (31 Aug 1916) is in the NS Vital Stats ( He was only 3 days old (b. 28 Aug 1916 Sydney Mines, NS) when he died.

Small correction, the NS Vital Stats ( has Sydney Lewis being born in Sydney Mines (S Mines). Unless you have better references that point to Sydney as his birth place.

The death record for Ida May (Hayes) Smith ( gives her death date as 24 Dec 1952 in Digby, NS.  In it she is listed as married, not widowed indicating that Lorenzo Howard Smith was still alive at that time.  Does anyone have an obit for him or her? Herald Obit CD maybe?


PS I know you have some of these references, as you gave me at least the last two, but thought it best to include them for any other researchers.

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Nathaniel Smith researchers,

Lorenzo "Howard" Smith was born on 14-Sep-1875 in Shinimicas, the son of George Oulton Smith & Rebecca D. McCormick.  Howard married Ida May Hayes on 28-Sep-1904 in Halifax and they had at least 4 children:
Norman Howard Hayes Smith, b 29-Mar-1906 in Sydney
Avril Mary Smith, b 1-Apr-1908 in Sydney
Dorothy Elizabeth Smith, b 19-Jul-1909 in Sydney
Sydney Lewis Smith, b 9-Sep-1912 in Sydney.

Avril married Edward Frederick Scott on 26-Nov-1935 in Digby.  They moved around a bit and finally settled in Hanover, Ontario.  Here are their obituaries:


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