Re: Victor Meldrum


The Chronicle Herald published an obit for
Victor Meldrum (Harrison Settlement) - publ. on Oct 18, 1974

That may give you the parents for one of your two Victors.

If you happen to know siblings for either of them, then one of the following may help you too:

04-13-63 - Meldrum, Mrs Ford  (Dartmouth)
03-19-64 - Meldrum, Sheila  (Halifax)
12-29-67 - Meldrum, Hazen  (Bridgewater)
04-11-68 - Meldrum, Mrs. Bessie  (Upper Branch)
05-06-68 - Meldrum, Mrs. Bernice  (Bridgewater)
10-05-68 - Meldrum, Medley  (Lakeland)
07-13-70 - Meldrum, Hedley  (Harrison)
04-19-71 - Meldrum, Katherine  (Digby)
05-31-71 - Meldrum, Mrs. Inez  (Aylesford)
10-22-71 - Meldrum, L.F.  (West Brook)
07-09-74 - Meldrum, Mrs. Hedley  (Parrsboro)
06-10-75 - Meldrum, Brian E.  (Porters Lake)
11-29-79 - Meldrum, Mrs. Ella M.  (Waterville)
12-21-79 - Meldrum, Warren  (Upper Branch)
10-12-81 - Meldrum, Violet  (Porters Lake)
04-23-85 - Meldrum, Harold L.  (Berwick)
10-03-85 - Meldrum, Ellen Sophia  (Bridgewater)


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Are there two separate Victor Meldrums or just one?

I have a Victor Meldrum married to Bertha Elizabeth Pettigrew plus a Victor
Meldrum married to Shirley Eurdora (Henwood) Strong, Robichau.

I do not have parents for either Victor Meldrum.

Thanks in advance for any kind of clarification.